Nominations Procedure

Further details of the nomination and selection procedures for all awards made by the Union can be obtained from the IUAPPA Secretariat.

The Christopher Ernest Barthel Jr Award

Dr. Christopher Barthel was instrumental in founding IUAPPA in 1964 and served as its President from 1966-70. He was also a member of the Board of Directors of the US Air Pollution Control Association (now Air and Waste Management Association) from 1968-71 and in 1977 was made an Honorary Member of A&WMA.

The Christopher Ernest Barthel Award was established by the International Board of IUAPPA at its meeting on 24 October 1980 at Buenos Aires, Argentina and is awarded from time to time to an individual whose contributions of a civic nature, whether administrative, legislative or judicial, have aided substantially in the abatement of air pollution.

Eligibility for the Award requires a sincere and constant effort of an individual over a period of time to develop or increase interest or acceptance of the cause of international air pollution control for the betterment of man’s environment. The Award is made to that individual who, through unselfish interest and in a manner best suited for his own sources, has furthered the cause of international air pollution control; it is not limited to any specific area of endeavour.

Anyone nominated for the Christopher Ernest Barthel Jr Award should have attained wide prominence and be well known for their interest in air pollution control.

Recipients of the Barthel Award

  • Professor Emeritus Arthur C. Stern, University of North Carolina, USA (6th World Clean Air Congress, Paris, 1983)
  • M. Jean-Paul Detrie, President, Centre Interprofessionnel Technique d’Etudes de la Pollution Atmosphérique, France (7th World Clean Air Congress, Sydney, 1986)
  • Professor Jumpei Ando, University of Chuo, Japan (8th World Clean Air Congress, The Hague, 1989)
  • Professor ir. Levinus Joseph Brasser, Eindhoven University of Technology and Deputy Director, TNO Division of Technology for Society, The Netherlands (9th World Clean Air Congress, Montreal, 1992)
  • Peter Erik Joosting, Senior Scientist, TNO Institute for Environmental Hygiene, The Netherlands (9th World Clean Air Congress, Montreal, 1992)
  • The Hon. Maurice F. Strong, PC, OC LLD, Secretary General, UN Conference on Environment and Development (10th World Clean Air Congress, Helsinki, 1995)
  • Sir John Houghton CBE FRS, Chairman, Scientific Panel of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (11th World Clean Air & Environment Congress, Durban, 1998).
  • Mr. Jan Pronk, Minister for Housing, Environment and Spatial Development, The Netherlands and Special UN Ambassador to the Johannesburg World Environment Summit (12th World Clean Air Congress, Seoul, 2001.

  • Dr. Klaus Topfer, Executive Director, United Nations Environment Programme 199x-200x (13th World Clean Air and Environment Congress, London, 2004)

Congress Award

This Award, established by the IUAPPA International Board at the 1989 World Clean Air Congress, may be made to an individual who has made a contribution of outstanding significance internationally to the progress of science or technology pertaining to air pollution prevention. The Award may be given triennially on the occasion of the IUAPPA World Congress


Recipients of the Congress Award

  • M. Gerard Megie, Professor, Pierre & Marie Curie University, France (9th Congress, Montreal, 1992)
  • Professor Erdwin Lahmann, Technical University of Berlin (10th Congress, Helsinki, 1995)

  • Professor Joel Schwartz, Harvard School of Public Health (12th Congress, Korea, 2001)

  • Dr.Markus Amann, International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis, Laxenburg, Austria (13th World Congress, London, 2004)

  • Professor George Kallos, University of Athens, Greece (13th World Congress, London 2004)

Honorary Membership

In accordance with Statute 5, the International Board may confer Honorary Membership to any individual whose work for IUAPPA they consider merits it.

The actual form of the award is decided by the International Board.

The International Board has conferred Honorary Membership on the following persons for their long and distinuished service to the Union:

  • Rear Admiral P.G. Sharp – Emeritus Director General, IUAPPA, 1978-1986 (August 1986)
  • Air Commodore J.L. Langston – Director General, IUAPPA, 1986-1996 (July 1996)
  • Dr. Michel Sommer (APPA, France) – President, IUAPPA, 1980-83, and member of the International Board and of the Executive Committee (July 1996)
  • Professor Dr. Louis Clarenburg (CLAN, The Netherlands) – President, IUAPPA, 1986-89, and member of the International Board and of the Executive Committee (September 1998)
  • Emeritus Professor Dr. Kiyoshige Shiozawa (JUAPPA, Japan) – member of the International Board (August 2001)
  • Dr Joop Van Ham (VVM, Netherlands) - member of the International Board and Honorary Treasurer