Nasionale Vereniging vir Skoon Lug – NVSL
(full member)

The Administrator
PO Box 8370
Halfway House 1685, South Africa

tel: (+27) 71 683 9770
fax: (+27) 11 559 2430

Organisation and Objectives

NACA is an association of individuals, companies, public and statutory bodies formed in 1969 to promote the cause of air quality and related matters in South Africa. It is a non-governmental organisation, run by an elected Council. Activities are organised through regional branches in Gauteng, Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Kwazulu-Natal, Vaal Triangle . NACA first joined IUAPPA in 1970 as an Observer, becoming a Full member in 1973.
NACA’s Objectives are:

  • to be the comprehensive authority on matters relating to air quality in South Africa, promoting excellence in public discourse on atmospheric matters at local and international levels;
  • to contribute towards the prevention of air pollution in South Africa by providing a forum for both public and industrial opinions and viewpoints which can be discussed and communicated to regulatory authorities.
  • to accumulate and disseminate information on air pollution and its control by all appropriate methods.


  • Organisation of international, national and regional conferences
  • Organisation of open meetings for education of the public and to provide a forum for grievances
  • Education: videos, slide shows and publications for schools; bursary scheme for needy students to study air pollution
  • Preparation of position papers and submissions to Government and service on Government advisory bodies
  • Promotion of air pollution research projects
  • Accessing of international expertise and technology through the invitation of overseas experts to South Africa
  • Award of achievement certificates to organizations and individuals for outstanding work promoting air quality
  • NACA hosted the 11th IUAPPA World Clean Air Congress held in Durban in September 1998.


Clean Air Journal, published twice a year in English.
Newsletter, bi-monthly.

Principal Officers
Technical Director: Anna Mieke van Tienhoven
Administrator: Bev Terry