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7 Rue Remada 
2000 Le Bardo

tel: (+216-24) 31 04 55
fax: (+216-71) 510 714
email: ngowfsd@yahoo.com
mail: Dr Kamel Esseghairi, General Director, kesseghairi@yahoo.com

Organisation and Objectives

WFSD was founded on 1 July 1992 after the Earth Summit in Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. It now has over 5,000 members and beneficiaries in its 21 Regional Offices. WFDS's primary objective is to emphasise the role of women in advocating
and implementation of sustainable development while addressing its social, economic and environmental dimensions.


A core activity of all WFSD's 21 regional branches is the mobilisation of women and young people and local planning aimed at achieving local sustainable development. NGOWFSD distributes micro-credits and supervises its optimal use
to generate income and employment in favour of excluded and invisible women living in deprived, poor and remote communities.
To this end NGOWFSD's major activities include:

  • Capacity building within its 21 regional branches
  • Training programme with emphasis on the acquisition of the skills required in the implementation of local income and job generating projects for women
  • Education, awareness raising and information - 123 public events at local, regional and national level have been organised on a wide range of issues including the concept of local sustainable development, conservation and combating desertification.

Major projects include:

  • Environmental education
  • Combating desertification
  • Combating soil erosion
  • Distribution of micro-credits.

Principal Officers

Chairwoman: Madame Dr Rym Fayala
Director General: Dr Kamel Esseghairi