Hosted by IUAPPA member organisations, regional conferences provide an opportunity for environmental protection specialists to examine issues from a regional perspective, to forge partnerships and to look for and promote solutions to regional problems. 

Recent Conference


2014 Amsterdam: Clean Air: How far have we come, how far to go?

For its 2014 annual meeting and Board Meeting, the Union joined its Dutch member on the occasion of their 7th International Symposium on Non-CO2 Greenhouse Gases, in Amsterdam, from to.. The report and papers from that meeting can be accessed at

IUAPPA's own annual meeting was a major review of recent developments and emerging challenges in air pollution, under the title 'Clean Air: How far have we come, how far to go'. It was designed to set the scene, and develop the scientific and policy framework for the World Congress in 2016. It included a number of important papers, by Professor Roy Harrison on recent trends in particulates and NOX; Guus Velders on the increasing importance of HFCs, and Chris James from the Regulatory Assitance Programme on trends and challenges in air quality regulation.

The background paper prepared for the meeting identifies and explores some of the key themes and issues which will provide the focus for the 2015 World Congress.

For the programme, background paper and main presentations, go to.....

2012 Instanbul: 4th International Symposium on Air Quality Management at Urban, Regional and Global Scales

For its 2012 meeting the Union joined its Turkish member TUNCAP in organising the 4th Internation Symposium on Air Quality Management at Urban, Regional and Global Scales

For the announcement, programme and presentations, go to .....

2011 Paris: One Atmosphere: Making the Connections

Held in association with EFCA and APPA, the Union's French member ......... union's 2011 meeting took up the three key policy themes identified at the Vancouver World Congress and began the task of exploring their practical implications, and what was required to make progress in them. The meeting was marked by a number of important presentations, notably by Marcus Amman, Professor Martin Williams and Professor Drew Schindell.

In its Final Declaration, the XVth World Clean Air Congress held in Vancouver, September 2010, had concluded that global environmental challenges had in recent years become steadily more severe and pressing, and that in three principle areas a paradigm shift in the approach to air quality policy and its relation to the wider global environment, was now necessary, urgent and achievable. It had urged a new focus on the impacts of air pollution on the health of eco-systems and biodiversity; a new approach to climate change which, through integrating climate and air pollution policies, would complement the current focus on long-term abatement of CO2 with a wider initiative on other climate forcing gases - ozone, methane and black carbon - which could deliver both major health benefits and mitigate near-term climate change; and, underpinning these two, a new effort to strengthen the institutions and processes for international co-operation on air pollution.

Picking up the key themes in its Declaration, the Conference focused on:

Air Pollution and Climate Change – How can we link assessment, planning and policy at the local regional and international scales?
Bio-diversity, Eco-system Services and Crop Damage – how can we help mitigate damage from air pollution, and contribute to protection of biodiversity?
International Co-operation on air Pollution - How can we now build the hemispheric and global strategies now needed for Ozone, Methane and Black Carbon.

2009 Tunis

The 2009 IUAPPA Regional Conference was held in North Africa, an area of the world facing major environmental challenges and one where IUAPPA has not previously met. The meeting was held from November 23 to 27, in the fascinating and historic city of Tunis, in the heart of the region.

IUAPPA has one observer member in Tunisia - Women for Sustainable Development (WFSD) - and the Union took the opportunity to get to know and work with this Association much more closely. A number of our other members have links with this region, notable APPA, our French member, whose journal circulates widely among scholars in the region.

The conference was held in conjunction with a meeting of the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum whose ongoing programme includes support for development of an Inter-Governmental Network on Air Pollution in the region. The programme for the conference was developed in close consultation with UNEP, who are leading for the Forum on the Inter-Governmental initiative and the Sahara-Sahel Observatory, the leading environmental research institute in the region. Also involved was the UNECE LRTAP Convention, which has long been hoping to link its European air pollution monitoring systems with North Africa and with the European Commission, in view of the Union's recent initiatives for the Mediterranean.

Earlier Conferences

Regional conferences have been hosted by the following members organisations:

2006 Association for the Prevention of Atmospheric Pollution

2005 Japanese Union of Air Pollution Prevention Associations
National Committee for Air Pollution and Research, Turkey

2003 Croatian Air Pollution Prevention Association
Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand

2002 Association for Ecology and Water & Air Pollution Prevention, Brazil
Clean Air Society of Australia and New Zealand
 Environmental Protection Society, Taiwan

2000 Czech Association of IUAPPA

1997 National Committee for Air Pollution and Research, Turkey

1996 Israel Society for Ecology and Environmental Quality Sciences 
Czech Association of IUAPPA

1994 Association for Ecology and Water & Air Pollution Prevention, Brazil 

1992 Commission on Air Pollution Prevention VDI & DIN, Germany 
1991 Korean Society for Atmospheric Environment 

1990 National Association for Clean Air, South Africa

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