Organised by IUAPPA since 1966, the World Clean Air Congress held every two or three years is one of the foremost international meetings on atmospheric sciences and policy.

Most international air pollution conferences now cover relatively specialised or geographically limited areas of air pollution. The special character of the World Clean Air Congresses is to offer participants the opportunity to update themselves on all dimensions of air and related environmental policy - to keep abreast of their own specialised areas or interests but at the same time to see it in the wider perspective of the overall development of the atmospheric sciences and policy.

Congresses are held in all areas of the world. The last, in 2013 was held in Cape Town, South Africa, preceded by Vancouver, Canada in 2010, Brisbane, Australia, in 2007 and London, UK, in 2004.

The next world congress, in 2016, will be held Busan, Korea, 29 August - 2 September 2016.

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Previous Congresses

1966 London, UK

1969 Washington DC, USA

1973 Düsseldorf, Germany

1977 Tokyo, Japan

1980 Buenos Aires, Argentina

1983 Paris, France
1986 Sydney, Australia
1989 The Hague, Netherlands

1992 Montreal, Canada

1995 Helsinki, Finland
1998 Durban, South Africa
2001 Seoul, Korea

2004 London, UK
2007 Brisbane, Australia
2010 Vancouver, Canada
2013 Cape Town, South Africa

Copies of proceedings and/or presentations are held by the IUAPPA Secretariat and/or by the IUAPPA member organisation which hosted the Congress; please email

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