What we do and why . . . 

The World Health Organisation have recently concluded that air pollution is now implicated in more than 7 million deaths each year and tens of millions of respiratory and other illnesses. It damages ecosystems and reinforces the cycle of poverty in many areas of the world.

IUAPPA's goal is to help develop and promote solutions.  It brings together voluntary associations and public bodies throughout the world to share the information and experience needed to develop more effective policies.

It promotes the World Clean Air Congress and regional meetings, supports technical and policy development, and leads international initiatives such as the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum and contributes to initiatives such as the Climate and Clean Air Coalition.



17th World Clean Air Congress: Aug 29-Sept 2 2016, Busan, Korea


 29 August - 2 September 2016

‘Clean Air for Cities - Perspectives and Solutions’


The 17th World Clean Air Congress next year is likely to prove the most significant in the Union's history as a result of developments in the last three years that have dramatically raised the level of public and political concern at air pollution.

These developments have included new evidence from WHO on mortality and morbidity; exceptionally severe smogs in Beijing and other Asian cities; an escalation in public and political concern in London, Paris and other European cities at intractable levels of particulate and NO2 pollution; and the major contribution that some air pollutants are making to global warming.

These unprecedented challenges require an exceptional response from organisations such as IUAPPA. The Union and Clean Air Asia - organisers of the largest air quality meeting in Asia - have therefore come together for a landmark event intended to raise the profile of air pollution internationally and to help meet the need for urgent progress in atmospheric science, technology and policy.

For further information go to www.wcac2016.org.